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Tara Health is a digital platform built on the mission of empowering people to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health through education. At Tara, we believe that every person deserves expansive access to information about their bodies and wellbeing. Built on a foundation of intersectionality, transparency and inclusivity, Tara prioritizes community above all. 


In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Varuna was looking for a community around health and identity. She was just coming into her sexuality and really needed a place where she could thrive. So she created a personal page to talk about sexual health. 


2 years and 45,000 followers later, she saw the growing need for a community. Wanting to build a model around accessibility and affordability, she started to build an expansive database dedicated to basic sexual health information. 


In 2022, Tara was born. In the span of a month, it has a growing community of over 100 members, has hosted over 10 events, and is just getting started!

our core values


our team

Shreya Chandak.jpeg

shreya chandak

Research Lead

Shreya Chandak works with Tara Health as a researcher and strives to deliver reliable and accurate information. A sex-positive advocate from India, she works towards filling the immense void of knowledge and awareness relating to sexuality and relationship that creates social problems in her country. 


They love exploring and finding new insights on sexuality and relationships. In their free time, they love reading books, practicing yoga, writing, and binging content by food bloggers. Shreya also works as a strategic director for her small business.


Their pronouns are she/they and they identify as being demisexual and pansexual.

Vidhi Patel.jpg


Digital Organizing Lead

Vidhi Patel is a public health professional who is passionate about access to sexual health media and education. Throughout her education, she has worked in peer education to improve awareness of diversity and sexual health topics. She specifically focuses on the intersection of media, health, sexuality, and cultures of the South Asian diaspora in the US. 

Vidhi works as a clinical research coordinator in New York City, but in their free time, they enjoy painting, plant-based cooking, painting their nails, and exploring new cafes!

Her pronouns are she/they and she is continually exploring her identity as a first-generation South Asian American!

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