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How do I come out?

There is no right or correct way of coming out. It is a decision an individual makes based on whats right for them. There are however some factors that needs to be considered before coming out.

  1. Be sure you are ready and feel safe to whoever you are coming out to.

  2. Try writing or practicing what you would say. If talking to someone seems a lot you can consider writing a letter, message or a mail to who ever you want to come out to

  3. Try identifying people in your life who you think would understand you try coming out to them first. You can identify this by seeing people's reaction to LGBTQIA+ topics. Inform yourself about the community incase there are questions that needs answering.

  4. Once you decide to tell someone, give them the time to process and understand things. While some people are well informed some people might take time to process the information. Remember that doesn't mean they disapprove of you. It has got more to do with them than you.


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