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What are the different bases of lubes?

Different types of lubes and their features include

  • Water based lubes

  1. They can be used in almost all kind of sexual activity.

  2. They can be used with condoms, silicone toys, or any other material toys. It doesn't leave any stain, and can be easily washed off.

  3. However, they can feel sticky and dry out quickly.

  • Silicone based lubes

  1. They can be used for all sexual activities, they can be used with condoms.

  2. They are less sticky and lasts longer than the water based lubes. It is advisable to use silicone based lubes for anal sex as they last longer.

  3. However, use of silicone lubes is not advisable for silicone based sex toys or diaphragms.

  • Oil based lubes

  1. They are not safe to use with condoms or sex toys as oil can breakdown latex.

  2. But they can be used with latex free condoms and in cases where no external contraception is being used, i.e. skin to skin contact.


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