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What are the different types of sex toys?

There are various different types of sex toys available.

Sex toys can be categorized into the following kinds

  • Vibrators

  1. There are objects that uses vibration to stimulate the genitals.

  2. Both internal and external vibrators are available

  • Dildos

  1. There are penis shaped objects which are used for vaginal or anus penetration

  • Anal toys

  1. Sex toys like butt plug are specifically for the anus. These are penetrative and used for anal penetration. It is important to use lubrication since anus is not self lubricating.

  • Sleeves

  1. These are used by penis owners, its a tube where you put your penis in. It comes in different shapes and sizes and have different sensations inside.

  • Penis rings

  1. Also called cock ring is wore by a penis owner and there is some amount of vibrations for the penis and the partner.

  2. It helps keep the erection for a longer period.

  • Pumps

  1. There are devices which use a suction like sensation.

  2. There are various types of these devices available for different parts of the body.

  • Ben Wa balls

  1. Ben Wa balls also known as kegel balls are used by vulva owners to do kegel exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor or sometimes people use it because they like the sensation it creates

  • Bondage -

  1. Sex toys like blindfold, ropes, harnesses, whips, cuffs, among other things come under this category.


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